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1- hetalians (hetalia fans) have a bad name! D:( aka: people think were horrible and mean!!!!!!!!!
when i found out this i was sad! i don't really understand but some of us are mean and stuff to homestuck fans...
i found this out from a friend of mine. i told her that i was a hetalia fan and she said we were mean and nasty!!
it broke my heart...

2- my tablet is still broke apparently the cord isn't the only thing wrong with it...
and i don't have Photoshop on my laptop so gah  frustrating ..
im so sad ive had the ich for a while now!

3- its my brothers 21 birthday and he had his girlfriend with him ! their so cute!!

4- i miss papa(England) and Russia and Poland and Hong Kong and every one from youmacon!
ive also been way too numb i need to get feeling back..

5- i think this guy likes me, surprisingly enough.. Ive known him since 6th grade and we're now in 9th grade.
hes abit heavy set but hes sweet. very much a gentlemen.
the only boy in school who dared to speak to me like im a dustren ( human ) and not some sort of live stock to push around and ignore.
gott im a fool...

6- im righting a papa!Englandxchild!Russia its very cute and some what depressing at first. its where Russia is getting so depressed and lonely that he goes to England for a hug with a nice cup of tea he ends up asking England to turn him back into a child to get a fresh start. if i can up load it to here id be so very happy for some one to read it i just dont know how to upload written art ..

thats all for now thankyou C:
SkywardCrowns Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2012
You know, I have a Wacom tablet that I could sell to you for cheap if you want it, Russia. :3
alice39721 Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
it depends on what type it is and how much you want for it and if it has everything or not C:
thank you for the offer pm me with details?
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Submitted on
November 23, 2012